Our Lab Culture

We believe in supporting our team’s freedom of intellectual expression and honoring the incredible privilege of being a scientist.

the DOOR lab is founded on the principle of respect and a shared love for the relentless pursuit for scientific truth.

We aim to bring together the right individuals to form a culture that is conducive to our ultimate goal: making the world more resilient through our basic science and translational research.

A place for you to thrive

Although we study stress responses, we actively do our best not to trigger them in our colleagues.

Knowing that some environments in the scientific community aren’t easy to navigate, we make an effort to actively support each other's career development. As a lab focused on studying the differences between individuals, we respect individuality and personal ambition.

Our strengths lie in nurturing our colleagues by offering them the best resources available and enabling them to do their best work.


We can always make room for one more lab rat.

Connect with us to explore opportunities on our team.

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Our events

As much as we love being in the lab, we also enjoy spending time outside of it.

We're not just lab rats. We're also wild rats.

In the past, we’ve organized regular team outings, including cocktail parties, hang-outs with Siberian foxes, museum visits,  and board game picnics in the park.  We're always planning exciting activities — if you're curious about our next one, feel free to drop us a line. Contact us.