Open Science

Our commitment to Open Science
Our commitments

While we’re committed to executing excellent science, we’re also mindful of the way in which we conduct our activities.

Our determination is to undertake research that is accessible and inclusive to all, responsible as well as reproducible, and that serves both the scientific community and the public.
As a scientific institution that strives to be diligent, principled, and equitable, Open Science is an important component of our philosophy.
We’re proud of making it an intrinsic part of our day to day activity.

How we practice Open Science

Here’s how we contribute to making science more accessible, inclusive, and equitable for the benefit of all.

Through this project, we’re building a resource for the scientific community to freely access rodent chemogenetic and optogenetic circuit investigation findings. Our main goal is to make relevant data readily available and to encourage data sharing within the neuroscience community in order to maximize visibility and impact.


The COMBO Initiative DOOR lab’s Principle Investigator, Dr. Dumitriu, was founded by Columbia University to understand the effects of COVID-19 on the parent-child dyad. With more than 200 contributors, COMBO embodies a collaborative approach and is an example of why team science is so much stronger than individual science.

Full Grants

We’re committed to sharing our successful grants for extra visibility, and transparency into our science. We hope these help under resourced labs, thereby improving diversity and inclusion.


Preprinting is our commitment to sharing our results as soon as possible with the public and our colleagues, in hopes that it wi’ll remove barriers and expedite scientific  progress. It also provides a historical record ducumenting contemporary problems with peer-review.