Lab News

Exciting things are always happening at the lab, and we love sharing our progress with the world. Here are some of our highlights!

First DOOR lab PhD Student Defends!

The first PhD defense in any lab is a momentous experience. Yael Grossman’s defense in the DOOR lab in 2017 is so much more than that. It is a story of perse...
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Rat City: DOOR lab Featured In Canadian Documentary

Real science involves asking radical questions. For instance, is conducting experiments on inbred rats living in laboratories giving us the best results? Cou...
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The 2022 NB&B Retreat Pushes Boundaries

The biennial retreat for students of the Columbia Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior (NB&B) is an exciting opportunity for budding neuroscientists...
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A Rare Opportunity To Meet San Diego's Siberian Foxes

Sometimes mental health research involves getting out of the dark cave of the neuroscience lab and having an adventure. DOOR lab researchers recently went on...
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