Origins Of Resilience

Investigating the neurocircuitry of stress resilience through a multi-species, multi-scale approach.

Uncovering the science of resilience

through a robust bottom-up basic science mechanistic approach.

What we’re about

Entering into the world of the DOOR lab

History has focused on when things go wrong.
We focus on when things go right.

Disease Prevention

Harnessing resilience circuity for health promotion


From single neuron to whole-brain circuits


Study lab mice, lab rats, wild rats and humans


When no method exists, we develop one.

Our mission

Understanding resilience circuitry as a novel disease-prevention strategy

Our main mission is to uncover the mechanisms of resilience – across species and across the lifespan – using a comprehensive set of experimental tools and designs.

Over the past century, science has generated abundant tools to treat disease; despite the enormous potential for global impact, much less research has been devoted to preventing it.

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